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The New Work of Projective Architectural Objects

By Stephan Kowal

In Memoriam

By David Leatherbarrow

Scholarship of Design

Price's Detroit Think Grid
Kathy Velikov

Design as Scholarship

Building for Peace in New York City
Nandini Bagchee

Rising Measures: Drawing Over the Cites HLM in Greater Paris
Pari Riahi

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JAE 69:1 March 2015
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August 1, 2015 - 5:00pm
Medellin’s electric escalators in informal barrios. (Credits: reproduced with authorization of the Planning Department of the City of Medellin.)

Urban Informality in Latin America

By Carlos Reimers
"Window", from Elementi – The Elements of Architecture exhibition at the Central Pavilion on the Giardini. Photo: ebm.
Exhibit Reviews

Encounters of the 2014 Architecture Biennale in Venice

By Einar Bjarki Malmquist

Scholarship of Design

The Failed Utopia of a Modern African Vernacular:  Hassan Fathy  in New Gourna
Miguel Guitart

Building for “l’Authenticité”: Eugène Palumbo and the Architecture of Mobutu’s Congo
Johan Lagae and Kim De Raedt

Design as Scholarship

Systemic Shifts: The Case of Abidjan’s Urban Planning, 1945–60
Yetunde Olaiya

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JAE 68:2 October 2014
Figure 4b: Alexandra Township. High-density provisional houses in the foreground juxtaposed against formal housing development of external forces beyond.
Design Frameworks

JAE 68:2

By David Rifkind
Exhibit Reviews

Kon Wajiro’s Modernologio

By Jeff Hanes
Exhibit Reviews

Bernard Tschumi at the Centre Pompidou

By Ariela Katz and Tricia Meehan
Book Reviews

The Architecture of Franco Albini

By Katerina Ruedi Ray
"Space-Time", by Jorge Otero-Pailos, in collaboration with MIT ©2013 Jorge Otero-Pailos.
Exhibit Reviews

Space-Time 1964/2014

By Enrique Ramirez
Exhibit Reviews

African Independence and Nordic Models at the Venice Biennale

By Peter Lang
Book Reviews

A Decade of Design, 2000–2010

By Eric Michael Wolf
Exhibit Reviews


By Vikram Bhatt
Exhibit Reviews
By Victor J. Jones
Exhibit Reviews
By Susan G. Solomon

Design Agency: The New Heuristics
Amy Kulper, Sheila Crane

Scholarship of Design

Public Interest as Praxis
Nadia M. Anderson

Rethinking Pliny Fisk's Political Ecology
Sara Deyong

Design as Scholarship

Geographies of Trash
Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy

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Volume 68:1 March 2014
Exhibit Reviews
By Elizabeth Martin-Malikian
Exhibit Reviews
By Katherine J. Wheeler
Exhibit Reviews

Materializing the Postdigital

By Ralph Nelson
Exhibit Reviews

Canadian Art 1890–1918

By Brigitte Desrochers
Exhibit Reviews
By Margo Handwerker
Exhibit Reviews
By Gregory Marinic
Exhibit Reviews
By Colleen Humer
Exhibit Reviews
By Esra Akcan
Exhibit Reviews
By Maurizio Sabini

Scholarship of Design

Design for the Ecological Age: Rethinking the Role of Sustainability in Architectural Education
Ahmed Zaib Khan, Han Vandevyvere & Karen Allacker

Design as Scholarship

Design Frameworks
Marshall Brown, Aaron Sprecher, Beth Weinstein, Blaine Brownell, Jori Erdman, Amy Kulper, Grace La, Graham Livesey, Kiel Moe & Nicholas de Monchaux

Super Décor
Penelope Dean

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JAE 67:2 October 2013

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