Beginning Design

Beginning Design

JAE 65:2 March 2012

Beginning Design

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Blaine Brownell & Michelangelo Sabatino


Adam at Forty
Joseph Rykwert

Beginnings or Origins—Beginnings and Endings: Sigfried Giedion's (Pre)Historiography
Spyros Papapetros

Seeing the World Whole
Thomas Fisher

Point of Entry into an American Urbanism: Reading and Rewriting the American City
Mario Gandelsonas

On Obeying the Rules
Michael Webb


From the “Well-Laid Table” to the “Market Place:” The Architectural Association Unit System
Irene Sunwoo

Beauty, Genius, Epigenesis: The Kantian Origins of Contemporary Architecture
Sean Keller

Design-Build :: Build-Design
Jonathan Foote

Figure It In
Tiffany Lin

Thick Air
Kathy Velikov, Geoffrey Thūn, & Colin Ripley

Building a Material Culture in Dubai
William G. Sarnecky

Japanese 'Occidentalism' and the Emergence of Postmodern Architecture
Florian Urban

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Translations | Transactions

Seeking the Design of System “After the March 11, 2011 Earthquake” (Shingo no seido sekkei ga motomerareteiru)
Arata Isozaki

Phoebe Stanton on Pugin's Contrasts
Kathryn E. Holliday

Monumental Waste
Gabrielle Poirier



A Girl's Own Adventure: Gender in the Contemporary Architectural Theory Anthology 
Karen Burns

Education of an Architect: A Point of View and Education of an Architect: The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of Cooper Union 
Peggy Deamer

On Adam's House in Paradise: The Idea of the Primitive Hut in Architectural History 
Marc J. Neveu

Rethinking Technology: A Reader in Architectural Theory and Entangled: Technology and the Transformation of Performance 
Patrick H. Harrop

An Introduction to Architectural Theory, 1968 to the Present 
Sarah Deyong

The Liberal Monument: Urban Design and the Late Modern Project 
Alexander Eisenschmidt 


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The Humanities in Architectural Design: A Contemporary and Historical Perspective 
Daniel Kopec

Relocations: Queer Suburban Imaginaries 
Jonathan Massey

Architecture in Uniform: Designing and Building for the Second World War 
Cynthia Hammond

The Life and Death of Buildings: On Photography and Time 
Margo Handwerker

Vienna 1900: Style and Identity 
Colleen Humer

Vertical Urban Factory 
Angela Starita

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