Building Modern Africa

Building Modern Africa

JAE 68:2 October 2014

Building Modern Africa

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Difficult Territory
Marshall Brown

Building Modern Africa: Theme Editors’ Introduction
Itohan Osayimwese and David Rifkind


Design for the Missing Middle: Architecture in a Context of Inequality
Hannah le Roux

Educating Architects in Africa 
Iain Low

Scholarship of Design 

The Failed Utopia of a Modern African Vernacular:  Hassan Fathy  in New Gourna
Miguel Guitart

Building for “l’Authenticité”: Eugène Palumbo and the Architecture of Mobutu’s Congo
Johan Lagae and Kim De Raedt

Systemic Shifts: The Case of Abidjan’s Urban Planning, 1945–60
Yetunde Olaiya

Looking Like Developed: Aesthetics and Ethics in Rwandan Housing Projects 
Yutaka Sho

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Interview with Elie Azagury 
Aziza Chaouni 

Interview with José Pereira Forjaz 
Plácido Lizancos Mora


Energy Regions: Production Without Representation? 
Rania Ghosn

You Can Get Lost in Durban 
Yewande Omotoso


“Flows” into the Public Squares/Spheres in “African Cities”
Nnamdi Elleh

Design as Scholarship 

Delivering Sustainable Urban Regeneration in Emerging Nations: Introducing Neighborhood Hotspots 
Ebun Akinsete, Fabienne Hoelzel, and Lookman Oshodi

Rematerializations: Prototypical Exploration of Neovernacular Structures in South Africa 
Daniel Baerlecken, Judith Reitz, Nora Mueller, and Bernadette Heiermann

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Michelle Apotsos 
on Modern Architecture in Africa

Vikram Bhatt
on How Architects, Experts, Politicians, International Agencies, and Citizens Negotiate Modern Planning: Casablanca Chandigarh

Shantel Blakely 
on Adjaye ∙ Africa ∙ Architecture: A Photographic Survey of Metropolitan Architecture 

Darby Morris 
on Colonial Architecture and Urbanism in Africa: Intertwined and Contested Histories

Jonathan Noble 
on At Home with Apartheid: The Hidden Landscapes of Domestic Service in Johannesburg   

Melinda Silverman
on African Identity in Post-Apartheid Public Architecture: White Skin, Black Masks 

Ola Uduku
on Village Housing in the Tropics, With Special Reference to West Africa and Fry, Drew, Knight, Creamer: Architecture

Katherine Wheeler
on Robert R. Taylor and Tuskegee: An African American Architect Designs for Booker T. Washington

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Anthony Alofsin 
on How Architecture Works:  A Humanist’s Toolkit

Bülent Batuman 
on Turkey: Modern Architectures in History

Robert Bruegmann 
on A Country of Cities: A Manifesto for an Urban America

Caroline Constant 
on Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes

Ning de Coninck-Smith 
on Designing the Creative Child: Playthings and Places in Midcentury America

Sarah Deyong 
on Contemporary Art About Architecture: A Strange Utility

Thomas Fisher 
on Architecture and Justice: Judicial Meanings in the Public Realm

Rob Fleming
on The Solar House: Pioneering Sustainable Design

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Marta Gutman
on Young People and the Shaping of Public Space in Melbourne, 1870–1914

Timothy Hyde
on Le Corbusier’s Hospital Project: An Investigation Into Its Structural Formulation

Lisa Landrum 
on Time Matter(s): Invention and Re-Imagination in Built Conservation: The Unfinished Drawing and Building of St. Peter’s, the Vatican

Spyros Papapetros 
on From Ornament to Object: Genealogies of Architectural Modernism

Witold Rybczynski
on Paradise Planned: The Garden Suburb and the Modern City

Stephen Sharpe 
on Buildings of Texas: Central, South, and Gulf Coast

Sara Stevens
on Architecture and Capitalism: 1845 to the Present

Tijana Vujosevic 
on Las Vegas in the Rearview Mirror: The City in Theory, Photography and Film

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