Ending Design

Ending Design

JAE 65:1 October 2011

Ending Design

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The End of Design and the Architectural Final Project
Michael Jemtrud

Housing Urbanism
Clare Lyster & Judith K. De Jong

Nakagin Capsule Tower: Revisiting the Future of the Recent Past
Zhongjie Lin

Experimental Cultures: On the "End" of the Design Thesis and the Rise of the Research Studio
David Salomon

Boston City Hall and a History of Reception
David Monteyne


"Say No, but Get it Built"
Stanley Tigerman

Mohamed Sharif

Concrete Utopias: 1960s Architecture and Urbanism
Laura McGuire

Frank Lloyd Wright: Organic Architecture for the 21st Century
Linda R. Krause

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Kevin Roche: Architecture as Environment
Eduardo Vivanco

Kevin Roche: Architecture as Environment; Architecture or Techno-Utopia: Politics after Modernism
Kyle Dugdale

Manhood Factories: YMCA Architecture and the Making of Modern Urban Culture; Women and the Everyday City: Public Space in San Francisco, 1890-1915
Aris Damadian Lindemans

Everything Must Move: 15 Years at Rice School of Architecture; the Studio-X NY Guide to Liberating New Forms of Conversation
Michael Kubo

Miami Modern Metropolis: Paradise and Paradox in Midcentury Architecture and Planning; Marion Manley: Miami's First Woman Architect
John A. Stuart

Requiem for the City at the End of the Millenium
Alexander Eisenschmidt

American Glamour and the Evolution of Modern Architecture
Patricia A. Morton

The Alphabet and the Algorithm
David Salomon

Bracket 1: On Farming
Nader Vossoughian

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