JAE 71:1 March 2017


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Marc J. Neveu

Production Technics
Ryan E. Smith


Production-Oriented Design and Delivery (POD2)
Thomas Bock

Scholarship of Design 

A House is Not a Car (Yet)
Mathew Aitchison

Making Prefabrication American: The Work of A. Lawrence Kocher
Anna Goodman

Supple Skins: Considering the Relevance, Scalability, and Design Strategies for Façade System Resilience
Mic Patterson, Karen Kensek, and Doug Noble

Knowledge, Education, Power and Production: Public Interest Design in North America
Steven A. Moore

Design as Scholarship

Soft Futures: Mushrooms and Regenerative Design
Joseph Dahmen

Emergency Preparedness Hub: Designing Decentralized Systems for Disaster Resilience
Miho Mazereeuw and Elizabeth Yarina

Crafting Production: Design-Build as Alternative Practice
Jennifer Akerman

Scaling for Non-Expert Production: The Littleton Trials
Jacob Mans

Energy and Form in the Aftermath of Sustainability
Kiel Moe

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Slow Architecture: Production in Postwar Italian Housing
Stephanie Z. Pilat

More Than Meets the Eye: What Can Virtual Reality Reveal to Architects?
Seher Erdoğan Ford

Participatory Building Communities and the Production of Design Knowledge
Samuel Dodd


NY Modular
Ryan E. Smith, Moderator, with Peter L. Gluck, Mimi Hoang, Chris Sharples, and James Garrison    


John Quale
on Design in Modular Construction

Dana K. Gulling 
on The Architecture of Industry: Changing Paradigms in Industrial Building and Planning

Peter Wilson 
on Solid Wood: Case Studies in Mass Timber Architecture, Technology and Design

Ted Cavanagh 
on Design/Build With Jersey Devil: A Handbook for Education and Practice 

Ann Komara 
on Values in Landscape Architecture: Finding Center in Theory and Practice

Carey Clouse
on Fayetteville 2030: Food City Scenario

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