JAE 66:1 2012


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Images and Other Stuff
Mark Linder

Up in the Air
Edward Mitchell

The Non-Concept City: A Discussion With Edward Mitchell
Marshall Brown and Stephanie Smith


Alexander Eisenschmidt
Introduction: JAE Reviews

Reviews: Postmodernism

Jayne Kelly
on The Portland Building (Portland Municipal Services Building) by Michael Graves

Emmanuel Petit
on Utopia’s Ghost: Architecture and Postmodernism, Again by Reinhold Martin

William Menking
on Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990, Victoria and Albert Museum

Jimmy Stamp
on Reconsidering Postmodernism, The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art

Deborah Fausch
on Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture by Robert Venturi

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Reviews: Operations Within History

Edward Dimendberg
on Modernity Unbound by Detlef Mertins

Anthony Vidler
on Glorious Visions: John Soane’s Spectacular Theater by Helene Furján

Andrew Leach
on The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture by Pier Vittorio Aureli

Jonathan Mekinda
on Bertrand Goldberg: Architecture of Invention, Art Institute of Chicago and Catalog: Bertrand Goldberg: Architechure of Invention by Zöe Ryan Opportunistic Urbanism

Daniela Fabricus 
on Fast-forward Urbanism: Rethinking Architecture’s Engagement With the City edited by Dana Cuff and Roger Sherman

Laura Kurgan
on The Arsenal of Excusion/Inclusion edited by Interboro

Albert Pope
on Combinatory Urbanism by Morphosis

Michael Kubo
on Landform Building: Architecture’s New Terrain edited by Stan Allen and Marc McQuade

Reviews: Architecture+

Joseph Rosa
on Kissing Architecture by Sylvia Lavin

Aaron Betsky
on The Art-Architecture Complex by Hal Foster

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Mies and Bacardi: Mixing Modernism, c. 1960
Kathryn E. O’Rourke

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the Making of Japanese Postwar Architecture
Hyunjung Cho

Prisoners of Ritoque: The Open City and the Ritoque Concentration Camp
Ana María León

Foldout Drawing: A Projective Drawing for Fabric Forming
Kentaro Tsubaki

Integrating Structures and Design in the First-Year Studio
​Catherine Wetzel

Domestic Arrangements: The Maid’s Room in the Ataköy Apartment Blocks, Istanbul, Turkey
​Meltem ö. Gürelt


Beginnings and Endings: Phoebe Stanton on Pugin’s Contrasts
Kathryn E. Holliday

Editor’s notes / Contributors

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