69:2, edited by Alicia Imperiale and Enrique Ramirez, coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Rem Koolhaas/Office for Metropolitan Architecture's S,M,L,XL. With this in mind, we asked to see your copies. Here are the submissions.

69:2, edited by Alicia Imperiale and Enrique Ramirez, coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Rem Koolhaas/Office for Metropolitan Architecture's S,M,L,XL. With this in mind, we asked to see your copies. Here are the submissions.

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Photo taken Sept 16, 2015 by Anders Nereim, inscriptions done 10 years apart by Rem and Bruce.
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@wustl_artarch_library Two first edition #SMLXL on course reserves this semester (and many others!). Rebound. Kranzberg Art & Architecture Library, Washington University in St. Louis.
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First edition, on a shelf, aging nicely from use, many Post-it flags and may have many more to come...Andrew Liang, University of Southern California
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@bravearchitecture At Brave/Architecture in Houston,Texas. By Fernando Brave. On 17 Sep 2015.
Céline Poisson, School of design, university of Quebec in Montreal, 1440 Sanguinet, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2X 3X9m. Photography taken September 17th 2015 at 11h11.
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@asudesignschool Professor Dr. Renata Hejduk's signed first edition copy.
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Name: James Michael Tate / Project Title: Bookworm / Location of Photograph: A+D Museum, Los Angeles / Date: August 2014 / Photography: Jaime Kowal Photography
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@asudesignschool ASU Architecture Program Coordinator Phil Horton's copy of #SMLXL.
@wright1000 Robert M. Wright, University of Toronto, September 17, 2015.
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First edition of S,M,L, XL taken in my office at the College of Architecture, Art and Design at the American University of Sharjah in the UAE. Photo taken 17 September 2015 by William Sarnecky.
Choon Choi. Seoul National University. September 17, 2015.
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Signed first edition of SMLXL at Dean Almy's faculty office in Goldsmith Hall. The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture.
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Jack Davis, Blacksburg, VA September 16, 2015.
Sandwiched between October and Benevolo, if you really want to know...Andrea Kahn, designCONTENT.
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Peter Papademetriou: My copy of S,M,L,XL is on a shelf of my Library - where it actually physically fits - amongst other "tchotchkes" - loosely amongst 'Theory' books. . .loosely.
Christopher Mead, Albuquerque, September 16, 2015.
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Marc Neveu, Los Angeles, 12 September 2015.
Eric Paul Mumford, St. Louis, MO September 16, 2015.
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Mark Sterling. May be a First Edition. I bought it in early 1996 in Toronto.
Catherine Ingraham, my office,  Wednesday September 15, 3:49pm EST.
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Pat Morton, Los Angeles, October 28, 2013.
Pascale Vonier, Washington, D.C., September 15, 2015.
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Jeffrey Balmer. My Waterloo classmate, Kevin Sugden, was the production manager for the book at Bruce Mau's office.
Gabrielle Esperdy, New York, October 29, 2013.
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"I purchased my S,M,L,XL as an undergraduate at University of Waterloo in Canada - I remember saving up for it and standing in line to purchase it when it was first released (it is a first edition copy). It remained with me and I travelled with it to Egypt where I lived for twelve years and was among the few possessions I brought back when I moved back to Canada in 2011.

In 2013, at the Laurentian School of Architecture in Sudbury (first new school of architecture in Canada in 40 years) where I am one of the founding faculty, it was my pleasure to finally meet Bruce Mau when he came to lecture in our inaugural lecture series. Bruce Mau is originally from Sudbury having grown up and gone to school here. He patiently heard my story of the book and kindly signed it then. 

Below is an image where it proudly sits next to other books used in our curriculum on my office bookshelf (Laurentian School of Architecture in Sudbury) and an image of his signature and note to me "For Tammy, with hopes for XL change in Sudbury! Bruce Mau, Oct 7 2013" within the first edition copy of the book I have."

Tammy Gaber
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………It´s in storage, together with a lot of other obsolete stuff……(there is actually 2 copies of smlxl here…can you find both?)….Matias del Campo
Luca Galofaro, Rome, October 29, 2013.
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Darryl Cook (architecturebrooklyn.com) 262 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, September 17th, 2015.
The book is squeezed in between monographs on digital / computational architecture on the one side, and classical, modernist architecture on the other. Michael Budig, Assistant Professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore, 18 Sep 2015. Monacelli Press, 1995.
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@asudesignschool Architecture and Interiors Faculty member Marthe Rowen's copy of #SMLXL in a stack next to her desk.
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@nsadlibrary As one student noted "every architect's office I've been in has a copy on the shelf." Our library has 3.
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We sliced it up into 8 books to create a Pocket-Sized S,M,L,XL. Mari Fujita + Michael Barton, Vancouver 2009.
@Dina Sorensen
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@sevensixfive"Where is your #SMLXL?" for#JAE 69:2, thrilled to have my article "What is a Big Dumb Object" included in this upcoming issue.
@theavclub JAE wanted to know about #SMLXL in our lives. This is how you know there are multiple architects in a household. Happy 20th, book.
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@alkanoglu#smlxl 2nd edition in there with some of the great ones. #futuresystems #zahahadid #greglynn #petercook #morphosis #petereisenman #jenniferbonner #benjaminflowers #aldorossi #buckminsterfuller #remkoolhaas #asymptote
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@kyhoven My #smlxl actually is on my desk
@jeremyminburns “#SMLXL sitting on the windowsill with friends”
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@apantopia Where is your copy of S,M,L,XL? 20 years w/ this beast! Wow! Thanks for the heads up, @sevensixfive #JAE #SMLXL Brian Oster, Baltimore, 09|18|15
@asudesignschool Architecture and Interiors Faculty member Marthe Rowen's copy of #SMLXL in a stack next to her desk.
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@griddesignbuild Respect the classics man! #smLXL #architecture #design #denver
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‏@smtology Stephanie Tuerk, Somerville, MA. Where is your #SMLXL now? I've always said that this book was genius for its utility beyond its content.
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@TechRefCtr Technical Reference Center, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University, September 28, 2015
‏@williamson_arch June Williamson My copy of #SMLXL. If memory serves, bought with credit for work performed to an arch bookstore (remember them?)
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@mnuel_fernandez Manuel Fernandez #SMLXL spotted on West End Ave between W 74th and W 75th Sts, New York, NY on Sept 18, 2015.
@dmiris2 Dina Sorensen ‏#SMLXL twentieth anniversary of the publication of Rem Koolhaas/Office for Metropolitan Architecture!
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‏@BlairTwitted Blair Satterfield For JAE. Blair Satterfield, @UBCSALA Vancouver, First edition (SIGNED!), perch for Friends W/You. 20150917 #SMLXL
Dongsei Kim, New York City, near Columbia University. January 21, 2013. 
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Maria Hurtado de Mendoza and Cesar Jimenez de Tejada
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From Timothy Auman:

"The Penn State Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library would like to submit our most recent photo of our copy of S,M,L,XL for your website. As you can see, good ol' NA1153.K64K66 1995 isn't home. In fact it doesn't spend much time on our shelf. We were a bit late to the 1344 page party, not receiving out copy until 1997. Since then it has been checked out 173 times, placed on course reserve numerous times and rebound at least once. It is frequently the subject of recall wars between our patrons and was most recently checked out on September 6th.

The attached photo was taken on September 16th at the Penn State Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library in University Park, PA."

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Library of Lauren Kogod and David Smiley, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University
Taken this summer outside my home in Austin, TX with my Renault Dauphine. Mick Kennedy, Tubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning
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Anita Cooney, New York City, September 17, 2015
Joseph Swerdlin, Cambridge, MA, 19 September 2015
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Olgu Caliskan. I took this photo in my office at METU Faculty of Architecture, Ankara, Turkey. 
Joshua M Nason: "In Good Company"
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Jeffrey L. Day, Omaha, Nebraska. Signed copy purchased in 1996 at Rem's book tour lecture in San Francisco.
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Rene' Diaz, Lawrence, KS
S,M,L,XL on the shelf in my office library.  The quote in the frame is from Le Corbusier. Phillip Hofstra, University of Kansas
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I like to think that this copy of S,M,L,XL might be the only one leaning against a pink corinthian column. Regin Schwaen, Fargo, North Dakota
Bruce Lindsey, Washington University in St. Louis
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My war torn copy of S,M,L,XL. Syracuse, NY. 2015. Joseph Michael Godlewski.
Attached is a photo showing my copy of SMLXL. The location is in my home office, the date taken is 26 September 2015. Michael Hagge, University of Memphis.
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Kyle May. My apartment. Brooklyn NY. Taken this evening. Missing orange.
The book that launched a thousand full bleeds...Eric Haas + Chava Danielson, 1st ed, signed, Los Angeles, 150930
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Want to share your images? Post them to Instagram and Twitter with #SMLXL or send them to jae@acsa-arch.org so we can publish them as a collection on the JAE website. Include your name and the location of the photograph. The deadline is September 30, 2015.

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