Design as Scholarship

Design as Scholarship

JAE 70:1 March 2016

Design as Scholarship

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Through a Glass, Darkly
Marc J. Neveu

Drawing Forth Difference
Amy Kulper


Dam[ned] Landscapes: Envisioning Fluid Geographies
Kees Lokman

The Type V City: Encoding Material Inequity
Jeana Ripple

Discursive Images

An Iconic Map Charting the Conception of Helsinki
Jamie Lilley

“...Some Such Tertium Quid Between Organizations and Atmospheres” 
Curtis Roth

Chimera: The Architecture of Creative Miscegenation
Marshall Brown

Grid and the Domain of Ink
Elena Manferdini

Spatial and Temporal Displacement
Michael Webb and Uri Wegman

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Contents 2/6

Aqueous Terrain
Anuradha Mathur and Dilip da Cunha

Before Perspective and After the Digital
Alex Wall

The Slow House Drawing Apparatus
Liz Diller

Slow Section
Paul Lewis

The Waste Land
Brian Ambroziak, Andrew McLellan, and Katherine Ambroziak

Unexpected Encounters
Clark Thenhaus

Of Many Lines but One Mind
Chris T. Cornelius

A Line in the Alps
Heather Scott Peterson

Activating With Shadow
Juergen Mayer H.

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Contents 3/6

Generating a Map of Ideas
Laura Allen

The Nomadic Sedentary
Firat Erdim

Abstract Diagram
Odile Decq

Deconstructive Text(s)
Bryan Cantley

Drawing on the Public Good
Urban-Think Tank/Jack Isles

Hong Kong Is Land
Valerie Portefaix and Laurent Gutierrez


Amy Kulper

Geometry Applied Over Reality
Amy Kulper

Geometry and the Orthographic Projection
Grace La

Patterns in Evolution
Aaron Sprecher

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Contents 4/6

Depicting Potential
Doug Jackson

Story Board: Enacted Architecture in the Graphic Novel
Georgeen Theodore

City Limits
Mari Fujita

Drawing Agency
Tricia Stuth

Design as Scholarship

Computational Hatching
Carl Lostritto

The Thirteenth Villa
Kyle Miller

Smart Geometries for Smart Materials: Taming Thermobimetal to Behave
Doris Sung

Studio in Transformation: Transformation in Studio
Negar Kalantar and Alireza Borhani

Grounding Diaspora: Negotiating Between Home and Host
Alison B. Hirsch and Aroussiak Gabrielian

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Contents 5/6

Keswa: An Uncovering
Emily Baker

We Lost: Hawaii’s Bid for the Barack Obama Presidential Center
Maria Simon

Exhibiting Architecture à la manière de
Maarten Liefooghe and Stefaan Vervoort

The Introductory Architecture Studio Revisited: Exploring the Educational Potential of Design-Build Within a Liberal Arts Context
James Middlebrook and Katherine Maines


Artifact Reviews

Suzanne Lanyi Charles
on Memorandum of Agreement between Rock Chapel Marine and Chelsea, Massachusetts

Ryan E. Smith
on Connect Homes: Modular Housing Patent and Architect-Led Business Model 

Media Review

Shundana Yusaf
on Rebel Architecture

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Contents 6/6

Book Reviews

Rod Barnett
on Why Is Landscape Beautiful?

Kristian Kloeckl
on SuperLux: Smart Light Art, Design and Architecture for Cities

Réjean Legault
on The Architecture of Paul Rudolph

Annie Pedret
on Aldo van Eyck

Exhibit Review

Nicola Pezolet
on The SAAL Process: Housing in Portugal, 1974–1976

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