Scholarship of Design

Scholarship of Design

JAE 70:2 October 2016

Scholarship of Design

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Open But Bound
Marc J. Neveu

Open Works
AnnMarie Brennan
and Saundra Weddle

Scholarship of Design

Encountering the Urban Crisis: The Gezi Event and the Politics of Urban Design
Bülent Batuman, Deniz Altay Baykan, and Evin Deniz

Performing Problems on the Pavement: An Innovative Approach to Architectural Education in Post-apartheid South Africa
Bridget Horner, Miranda Young-Jahangeer, and Rubby Dhunpath

Toward a Northern Architecture: The Microrayon as Arctic Urban Prototype
Matthew Jull

Abel Cahen’s Open City: A Theoretical Inquiry into Urban Complexity and the Limits of Control
Guiomar Martín Domínguez

Architecture in Support of Citizenry: Vernon DeMars and the Berkeley Student Union
Clare Robinson

Critical Engagement: The Role of Ada Louise Huxtable in the Evolution of 2 Columbus Circle
Scott Murray

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Architecture in the Art Market: The Max Protetch Gallery
Jordan Kauffman

“I Will Try My Best to Make It Worth It:” Robert Venturi’s Road to Rome
Denise R. Costanzo

Australia’s Lost Capitol
Christopher Vernon

Dream or Dilemma: The Unconscious Construction of the Modern House
Ted Cavanagh

Birds Must Be Eliminated: Air Architecture and the Planetary Reenactment of the Modern Void 
Roi Salgueiro Barrio


Artifact Review

Sharif S. Kahatt 
on Lima’s PLAM

Book Reviews

Rashida Ng 
on Plastics Now: On Architecture’s Relationship to a Continuously Emerging Material

William O’Brien, Jr.
on Palladio Virtuel

Nick Senske
on A Prehistory of the Cloud

Julio Salcedo Fernández
on Rafael Moneo: Building, Teaching, Writing 

Ellen Shoshkes 
on Architecture and the Welfare State

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