JAE 71:2 October 2017


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The Design of Environmental Design
Marc J. Neveu

Environmental Entanglement
Doug Jackson


Strange Loops: Toward an Aesthetics for the Anthropocene
Todd Gannon

Progress and Representation: Continuity, Discontinuity, Resolution
Wes Jones


Scholarship of Design

The Legibility of Environment: Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum (1968-1976)
Elizabeth M. Keslacy

Cedric Price: Radical Pragmatist, in Pursuit of Lightness
Whitney Moon

Highest and Best Use: Subjectivity and Climates Off and After Earth
Fred Scharmen

Designing by Decoding: Exposing Environments Mediated by "Cultural Software"
Luke Caspar Pearson

Discursive Images 

Rokplug and Logplug
David Greene

Michael Webb

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A Thousand Milieus
Christopher Hight


Considering Dry Rot: The Co-evolution of Buildings and Serpula lacrymans
Jana VanderGoot

On Groundwater: Invisible Architectural Environments
Michelle Laboy

Feralness: A Sibling of Wilderness
Jane McQuitty

Magnificence: On the Appearance  of the Baths of Caracalla
Kiel Moe

The Himalayan Ice Stupa: Ladakh’s Climate-adaptive Water Cache
Carey Clouse

The Itinerant Architect: Toward a Land-based Architectural Practice
Jacob Mans and Thomas Fisher

Discursive Images 

Banham’s Material Ecologies
Stan Allen

Imaging Los Angeles as a  Transit Metropolis
Robert Fishman

What Did Banham See?
Diane Y. F. Ghirardo

Ecology V: River of Concrete The Seeding  of a  Fifth Ecology
Lola Sheppard and Mason White

Design as Scholarship

Leviathan in the Aquarium
Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy

Patent Scenarios for the  Mississippi River
Richard L. Hindle

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