JAE 69:1 Crisis


Theme Editor:
Timothy Hyde, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (

August 1, 2014 - 5:00pm

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To pursue questions such as these, this themed issue solicits contributions that interrogate the relationship between crisis and architecture at the present moment as well as in prior historical events and objects. The emphasis intended for the issue is less the mitigation or solution of crises than the contextualization of crisis itself in relation to design practice. To this end, the preference will be given to contributions that contextualize crisis (Scholarship of Design) and those that interrogate crisis (Design as Scholarship).

Submissions for the category of Scholarship of Design might reveal different historical attitudes and exigencies of crisis through the examination of architects, practices, or events in contexts such as political revolutions, or economic contractions, or extreme climates. Submissions for the category of Design as Scholarship might address diverse manifestations of crisis—urban, financial, environmental, etc.—through the elucidation or demonstration of links between design practices and causes and consequences of such crises. Overall, the issue seeks contributions that elaborate Crisis itself as a motivation, a means of judgment, a temporality, in short, a medium for architecture.

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