Reviews: Exhibits

Reviews: Exhibits

The Other Architect: Another Way of Building Architecture

By Esther Choi
Reviews: Exhibits

Making Africa—A Continent of Contemporary Design

By Nelson Mota
Reviews: Exhibits
By David A. Goujon
Cloud Room Divider from Sempering, curated by Cino Zucchi & Luisa Collina
Reviews: Exhibits

To Craft a Detail, or Not?

By Naomi Frangos
Reviews: Exhibits
By Ewan Branda
Nadav Kander, Fengine III (Monument to Progress and Prosperity), Chongqing Municipality, 2007.
Reviews: Exhibits

Stony Island Arts Bank and Grace of Intention: Photography, Architecture and the Monument

Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago
By Jasmine Benyamin

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Scholarship of Design

Price's Detroit Think Grid
Kathy Velikov

Design as Scholarship

Building for Peace in New York City
Nandini Bagchee

Rising Measures: Drawing Over the Cites HLM in Greater Paris...

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JAE 69:1 March 2015

Scholarship of Design

The Failed Utopia of a Modern African Vernacular:  Hassan Fathy  in New Gourna
Miguel Guitart

Building for “l’Authenticité”: Eugène Palumbo and the Architecture of Mobutu’s Congo
Johan Lagae and Kim De Raedt...

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