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Balloon Framing
Anthony Viscardi
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This drawing is representative of my Tracing Time to Measure Space series of two- and three-dimensional works that examine the space between art and architecture through explorations of solid/void, presence/absence, static/dynamic, and material/ephemeral continuums. I engage the shadow as the progenitor of form as I construct a three-dimensional model, conceived as a mechanism to produce shadows in dialogue with the drawing process. The model is transient, like the shadows themselves. It is used solely for the production of the drawing and then often dismantled, leaving only a “shadow map,” a record of the ephemeral play of shadows made static through sequential tracings captured during three periodic intervals—morning, noon, and night. Space and time collapses into one singular composite drawing from which further iterations of three-dimensional form may be derived.

Balloon Framing is worked with pencil on mylar. I allow my hand to smear the graphite in the process of drawing. The graphite residue permits erasure, evoking new layers of clear mylar that highlight the complex pencil wireframe generated by the palimpsest of multiple shadow plays. This inseparability of structure and light posit architecture as a proactive medium by which to enact change in the built landscape.

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