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Interview with Chris Cornelius of studio:indigenous
Carolina Dayer, Ivan Rupnik, Jacob Mans
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Chris Cornelius: Wiikiaami is the first installation I’ve done at this scale and I hadn’t really thought about it as a means of knowledge production before that. When I first got the project, I knew I didn’t want to be my own general contractor. I wanted to work in the traditional architectural mode where, “I am the designer of this thing,” and then I would hand off drawings of it for someone else to build. As we got into the process, I began to realize that this was not only sort of inefficient economically, it was inefficient from a communication standpoint. In the end we only did enough drawings to get the thing done. Our structural engineer did all of their analysis off a 3D model, and sent us structural drawings for construction. We didn’t do a lot of typical drawings because in the end we were building it.

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