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Interview with Jan De Vylder of architecten jan de vylder inge vinck
Carolina Dayer, Ivan Rupnik, Jacob Mans
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Jan De Vylder: The triad, architecturally speaking, is very important—it makes a triangular room, if you don’t have a triangle you cannot have a space, a place. I don’t like dualities, that’s why the element of three is usually present in our work. The studio is the teaching, the practice is the office, and whatever is all the other thoughts that are around in our heads and that are ventilated in one or other way. The alter ego of this triangle is Universum Carrousel Journey. It means architects can create universes, little or speculative worlds that one creates to live a life. I take pleasure in the long journey that it takes to create this world. The alter ego is what allows us to revolve ideas and it is everywhere, in our practice, in our studio, in making things. The studio we have at the ETH right now is called Making, Meandering, Meaning, and it is about the meandering of making and meaning, about what it means to make things and what makes meaning. I believe it is a very interesting time to think with students deeply about making. With Inge we have an orbital practice. Inge is very deeply invested in drawings and we have a room where she works on her drawings and we reflect deeply on this form of making. We think of it as a carrousel (Figure 1).

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