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Multidimensional Space:
-X, X -Y, Y -Z, Z
Aaron Sprecher
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House II version B describes a trifold topological system of multiple layers of information. These layers of information stem from various source codes. Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa describes the project in the following terms:

It features three distinct programmatic areas that can be accessed independently and that index three house types: a tower in the Z axis, a longitudinal space in the X axis, and a shorter longitudinal space in the Y axis. These initial distinct types reference inverted Cartesian XYZ axes. Each of the three planes that form the three Cartesian axes (XY, ZY, ZX) propose an initial nine-square-grid organization. Each of these nine-square-grid organizations displace through continuity the center and corner of each other. For instance, the corner space of the XY plane (upper-level floor plan) by spiraling and turning becomes continuous with the center space of the YZ plane (side elevation). Likewise, the center space of the courtyard of the XY plane (upper-level floor plan) becomes continuous with the corner space of the ZX plane (the tower type of the XYZ Cartesian coordinate).

House II version B features spatial continuities that stem from the displacement of its own parameters.

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