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Nora Wendl
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Joy Knoblauch and Sara Stevens proposed and drafted the theme for this issue in March 2020, immediately after the U.S. declared a national emergency in response to COVID-19. All of the papers and projects that were submitted to this call were written while authors were social distancing, isolating, caring for families, losing loved ones, managing health crises, teaching online and/or in person, conducting research, getting sick, applying for academic jobs, and contributing service, many at institutions that demanded more of their energy than ever. These papers and projects were all peer reviewed in a similar context as we held our editorial board meeting online, through the familiar, but sterile interface of Zoom. Though this issue takes on the much broader and perhaps even timeless theme of “health,” every part of it was informed and touched in some way by the very timely (and yet seemingly endless) conditions of this pandemic.  Read the full article at Taylor & Francis.