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JAE 76:1 Spring 2022


March 21, 2022
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March 21, 2022
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The Journal as Platform
Nora Wendl
Joy Knoblauch & Sara Stevens
Interview with Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, and David J. Lewis of LTL Architects
Joy Knoblauch & Sara Stevens
Scholarship of Design
Toward an Architecture of Air and Steam: Climate, Bathing, and Public Health in Victorian Britain
Dustin Valen
Verdant Persuasion: The Use of Landscape as a Warfighting Tool during Operation Enduring Freedom
Fionn Byrne
(Ir)resistible Stairs: Public Health, Desiring Practices, and Material-Symbolic Ableism
Aimi Hamraie
Schools that Breathe: Studio Education in the Pandemic
Sara Jensen Carr, Ana McIntosh, Michael Murphy, John Ochsendorf
A ‘Holding Place’: An Indigenous Typology to Mediate Hospital Care
Janet McGaw, Alasdair Vance, Uncle Herb Patten
Well-Being in Architectural Education: Theory-building, Reflexive Methodology, and the ‘Hidden Curriculum’
Naomi Stead, Maryam Gusheh, Julia Rodwell
Design as Scholarship
Equity & Dignity by Design: Co-creating Guidelines with Planned Parenthood Affiliate Health Centers
Deborah Richards & Angela M. Person
Micro Narrative
The Vivid Ex Voto: Divine Healing, Publicness, and Self-Health-Expression
Ana Morcillo Pallares
A Place for Birth: Storytelling in Interdisciplinary Education
Elizabeth Blundell
A Melt-Blown Moment: Pandemics, Wildfires, and the New Exactitude of the Architectural Filter
Erin Putalik & Erica Schapiro-Sakashita
On Latticed Windows, Disease, and the Materiality of a Bygone Epoch
Cansu Degirmencioglu
Clean, Cool Air: Health and Air-Conditioning in India (1920s–1960s)
Priya Jain