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Negev School of Architecture
Natanel Elfassy, Eliyahu Keller, Nof Nathansohn, Gili Merin, Zohar Elmakias, Marik Shtern, Jeremie Hoffmann, Mansour Alsana, Aviva Peeters
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In various cultures and faiths, the desert is the place of revelation, where the future of this world can often be suggested. Negev, the Hebrew name of the desert that comprises sixty percent of modern-day Israel, connotes in the Old Testament the direction of the south, while in Arabic, the region is called an-Naqab, denoting a mountain pass. The Negev/ Naqab is a landscape filled with contradictions. It is here that the Zionist project is revealed in all its aspirations and failures, as the desire to “make the desert bloom” is made most visible when things fall apart.

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