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JAE 76:2 Fall 2022

Pedagogies for a Broken World

October 11, 2022
Theme Editors
Ann Lui
Blair Satterfield
University of British Columbia
October 11, 2022
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“...where one might truly catch their breath.”
Nora Wendl
Pedagogies for a Broken World
Jay Cephas, Igor Marjanovic, & Ana Miljački
This Is for Everyone: In Conversation with Lesley Lokko
Jay Cephas Igor, Marjanovic & Ana Miljački
The Common Wind of Worldlessness: In Conversation with Fred Moten and Stefano Harney
Jay Cephas, Igor Marjanovic, Ana Miljački
On Trees, Libraries, and Other Forms of Urban Care Work: In Conversation with Shannon Mattern
Jay Cephas, Igor Marjanovic, Ana Miljački
This Is a Beautiful World: In Conversation with K. Wayne Yang
Jay Cephas, Igor Marjanovic, Ana Miljački
African Futures Institute
Lesley Lokko
Rewilding (at) Sakiya
Nida Sinnokrot
Unseen Matters: Emerging Counter-Institutional Pedagogies
Lisa C. Henry, Tonia Sing Chi, Shawhin Roudbari, Bz Zhang
Unsettling Architecture’s Commonsense
Ross Adams, Ivonne Santoyo-Orozco, Olga Touloumi
Beyond Capitalism? Organizing Architecture Education
Frank Burridge, Aaron Cayer, Kirsten Day, Peggy Deamer, Andrea Dietz, Jessica Garcia Fritz, Palmyra Geraki, Daniel Jacobs, Valérie Lechêne, Natalie Leonard
Scholarship of Design
Our Infrastructural Loves: Architectural Pedagogies of Care and Support
Hélène Frichot, Adrià Carbonell, Hannes Frykholm, Sepideh Karami
Dalibor Veselý’s Performance of Crisis: Ideology and the Moment of Truth in “Totalitarian” Czechoslovakia
Joseph Bedford
The Paradox of Invisibility: Teaching Architectural History
Adnan Z. Morshed
Building Indigenous Resistance: The Casa de los Pueblos y Comunidades Indígenas, Yä nghü Yä jhöy, Samir Flores Soberanes
Tania Gutiérrez-Monroy
Design as Scholarship
Attending to Unbuilding: The One Tree Project
Jesse Vogler, Ken Botnick, and Alisa Blatter
The Builtsphere: A Broken Geological Paradigm (Open Access)
Cristina Parreño Alonso
A New Aesthetic of Care (Open Access)
Parker Sutton
Micro Narrative
Disabled Practices for the Architectures of the Countercollapse
Ignacio G. Galán
Worship the Lift Engineer (Open Access)
Jordan Whitewood-Neal
Breaking Ground: Sifting Soil Stories at Bos Park
Sara Jacobs and Taryn Wiens
Drawing the Line
Patrick Cheng-Chun Hwang and Jasmine Chan
Weird Science: On Polylactic Acid
Galo Canizares
Broken Down
David Gissen
Mpho Matsipa
Broken Sources (gatekhili tsqaroebi)
Sarah Cowles
Re-Producing the Status Quo
Peggy Deamer
Framing Survival: Questions of Safe Space in Design Pedagogies
Kush Patel in collaboration with Johnson Jament, Merin Mathew
The Pedagogy of Naming
Samia Henni
Aformal Academy
Merve Bedir
Protest as Pedagogy
Bradford C. Grant
Natureculture Learning
Gilly Karjevsky and Rosario Talevi
Transforming Minds
Sharon Egretta Sutton
De-Colonizing Indigenous Housing
Chris Cornelius
(Un)broken Pedagogies for (Un)broken Worlds
Nicholas Brown
Negev School of Architecture
Natanel Elfassy, Eliyahu Keller, Nof Nathansohn, Gili Merin, Zohar Elmakias, Marik Shtern, Jeremie Hoffmann, Mansour Alsana, Aviva Peeters
Critical Race Theory as Architectural Pedagogy
Carla Jackson Bell
Site-Writing as Holding
Jane Rendell